Local information about the area, with links to other websites:

St Andrew’s Primary School, Nuthurst – local Church of England primary school.

Micklepage   Available for retreats, holidays, meetings and family groups of up to 26 people on a self-catering basis.

Nuthurst Society – organisation that aims to foster community spirit within the five hamlets of Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale, Monk’s Gate and Sedgwick.

Copsale Village Hall – meeting place and function space in Copsale.

Sedgwick Park – privately-owned home with extensive gardens.

Nuthurst Parish Council – for information on issues that affect the local area.

Link – Nuthurst Parish and surrounding areas publication.

Chichester live streaming service

St Michael’s at Partridge Green facebook link  streaming www.facebook.com/1590930984567197/videos/786065295342956

St Andrew’s school face book link https://www.facebook.com/adminstandrewsnuthurst

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